Inner Earth Activation of the Master Planetary Crystals

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Webinar Host Ahtayaa Leigh

Originally from the UK, Ahtayaa Leigh is an acclaimed Spiritual Guide, Energy Healer and creator of the popular Energy Healing Practitioner Course.  She is also founder/guardian of the Golden Ray Initiations, a series of potent light activations that work with the Golden Ray to activate and ignite your Golden Merkaba Rainbow Body of Light through a process of initiation and purification.

Having walked the path of transmutation and spiritual rebirth, Ahtayaa's life work is now dedicated to guiding others through the process of deep healing and transformation.  Her most heart felt passion is helping other healers truly embrace their innate healing gifts and honor their journey of Self discovery.

At the planetary level, Ahtayaa leads ceremonies and activations to support the healing of Mother Earth and collective humanity.

Length: 45 - 60 minutes

The purpose of this activation is to anchor the New Earth frequencies from the future ascended timeline and meld them with the mystical powers of the ancestral realm.

We are assisted by the ancestors and ascended master realm to ground this confluence of energy into the Now so that it may be made manifest in such a way that engages with the current reality, increasing the capacity of the planet (including humanity) to assimilate the cosmic frequencies, and evolve into the vibration of the New Earth.

The only place on Earth where these future vibrations can be anchored effectively and held consistently is in the master planetary crystal realm of the Inner Earth.
Our mission, achieved through this activation, is to form a bridge of rainbow light that arcs energy from the core energetics of the New Earth and arcs energy from the wisdom keepers of the past, melding them through our hearts, channeling them into the Inner Earth and the master crystals.

During the activation all you need to do is listen to the guidance that comes through, relax, receive, allow and align with the highest good through your intention. By doing this you become a channel or conduit for this energy to flow through you, as you, into the master crystals of the Earth. Our dear Mother Gaia and the master planetary crystals will then take care of assimilating and distributing the frequencies safely through the crystalline grid to serve the entire planet for the highest good.

The origin date of this activation was chosen to be 02/02/2020 for a very important reason. 0202 is a mirror of 2020. Within the 0202/2020 code we find the Master Builder vibration of 22, encased within infinity (2+2+2+2=8). This numerical vibration reflects the process of bringing the Divine Architecture from above to below, anchoring the Cosmic Template into the living body of the Earth.

I hope you feel called to be a part of this activation. My heartfelt intention is for it to assist both you and the planet in the process of our collective evolution.

There will be a replay so please do register even if you can’t make it at any of the above times. Remember that in Truth time and space do not confine us!

Thank you so much!
I look forward to connecting soon.